Exclusive: Will Ferrell Talks STEP BROTHERS 2 and Political Comedy SOUTHERN RIVALS with Zach Galifianakis

     May 1, 2011

Will Ferrell Step Brothers slice

Yesterday, Steve got the chance to talk to Will Ferrell in anticipation of his new film Everything Must Go.  While we’ll have the entirety of his interview up the week of release, Ferrell gave a few tidbits on upcoming projects that we thought we’d share with you right away.  I know most of you are lamenting the loss of Anchorman 2 (really, Paramount? Really?), but Ferrell shared some great news regarding a follow-up to another Ferrell-Adam McKay project: Step Brothers.

Step Brothers, I’ve found, is one of those movies that grows on you exponentially each time you watch it. If you weren’t thrilled with a first-watch, give it another chance and you’re almost guaranteed to find it chock-full of comedic gold nuggets. Ferrell told Steve that he, director Adam McKay and co-star John C. Reilly recently had a meeting about possibly doing Step Brothers 2.  Hit the jump for more, including an update on the political comedy Southern Rivals co-starring Zach Galifianakis.

step_brothers_movie_posterRegarding Step Brothers 2, here’s what Ferrell had to say:

Ferrell: We just had a great meeting with John C. Reilly about maybe another Step Brothers.  Because Anchoman is a brick wall right now.

Steve: You and John together are great together.

Ferrell: We’re maybe playing around with the idea of that.

Steve: Would a certain friend of yours be directing (Adam McKay)?

Ferrell: Oh yeah.  We would have to all three do it.  Totally.

Personally, I’m thrilled by this news. I find Step Brothers to be an underrated comedy packed wall-to-wall with great comedic performances. Adam Scott almost steals the show on multiple occasions. Now, here’s hoping this sequel can actually get funding.

Ferrell also talked about Southern Rivals. To be directed by Jay Roach (Austin Powers, Recount), the film stars Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as dueling small-town Southern politicians. Ferrell confirmed that filming will commence this fall, with a release date set to be timed to the 2012 elections.

Be sure to look for the entirety of Steve’s interview with Ferrell which should be up on the site soon.

Will Ferrell Step Brothers slice

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