Watch: Will Ferrell Returns as Ron Burgundy in Podcast Trailer

     January 31, 2019


Ron Burgundy is back! Well, sorta. Will Ferrell is reviving the iconic Anchorman character not for another film sequel, but for two 12-episode seasons of a podcast called, appropriately enough, The Ron Burgundy Podcast. The podcast hails from iHeartMedia and Funny or Die, and the first trailer offers a look at Ferrell back in costume, offering his very specific musings on everything from climate change to epileptic chickens.

I think this is a swell way to keep Ron Burgundy alive without potentially soiling the legacy with another movie. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was long-awaited and highly anticipated, and yet when it came time for the film to open, fans didn’t seem as excited by the actuality of an Anchorman sequel as they were with the possibility of one. Comedy sequels are hard, and I do think Anchorman 2 is solid, but The Ron Burgundy Podcast is a much smarter continuation of the character.

Check out the first The Ron Burgundy Podcast trailer below. The first episode drops February 7th on the iHeartPodcast Network, with new episodes every Thursday.


Image via Paramount

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