FERRELL TAKES THE FIELD Trailer Puts Will Ferrell through Spring Training

     July 27, 2015


HBO has been doing something a little different with its sports documentaries lately. First there was the incredibly weird and funny 7 Days in Hell, and now Funny or Die is partnering with Major League Baseball for another kind of HBO sports doc, Ferrell Takes the Field.

The comedy special was taped last March during spring training in Arizona, and follows Will Ferrell visiting to five different ballparks, playing every position on the field for 10 teams in the same day. Check out the trailer below:

Ferrell says to a crowd at one of the games, “You know, when I embarked on this journey, I thought yo myself, could I do it? My career has not gone according to plan.” and that “I brought passion to the field, and a lot of ignorance.” Quips aside, it looks like an interesting experience, and should be a fun watch for even the most casual of sports fans. Of course, for fans of the specific teams highlighted, it’ll be fun to see Ferrell interact with the teams (as he lands on the field in a helicopter, wears disguises, and more).

Because of course, “There’s nothing more American than grabbing a hotdog and heading to the ballpark to watch 9 men from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field [… Now], 8 Dominicans and 1 guy from Irvine, California.”

The HBO presentation is also dedicated to the charity Cancer for College. Ferrell Takes the Field premieres Saturday, September 12th at 10 p.m. on HBO.


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