Will Forte and the Directors of ‘Extra Ordinary’ on the Big Screen Beauty of Vomiting Ectoplasm

     March 16, 2019

I can assure you, you’ve never seen a movie quite like Extra Ordinary. The film marks the feature debut of directing duo Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman. It stars Maeve Higgins as Rose, a driving instructor living in Ireland who also happens to be gifted with supernatural abilities. She isn’t really in the business of embracing those talents at the moment but, when one-hit-wonder Christian Winter (Will Forte) makes a deal with the devil and puts a spell on a local teenager, Rose agrees to help the girl’s father (Barry Ward) stop Christian and his diabolical agenda.

Extra Ordinary is a delightfully silly comedy that had this horror-lover grinning from ear to ear from start to finish. It rocks a standout style and sense of humor, and some serious charm too, so I was beyond thrilled to welcome Forte, Ahern and Loughman to the Collider Studio to talk about their experience making the film. Check out what they told me about getting the Irish Film Board behind such a zany story, the movie magic behind vomiting up ectoplasm, and loads more in the video interview at the top of this article. You can also find a handy breakdown of the full conversation below.

moonfire-lounge-sxsw-mondayI’d also like to take a moment to give special thanks to our Collider Studio partner, A-List Communications. At the Moonfire Lounge venue in Austin, libations were flowing courtesy of Tequila Comisario, Blue Moon Belgian White, Line39 Wine, and Hint Water. Without these fine folks, we wouldn’t be able to share conversations about movies like Extra Ordinary with all of you, so another big thank you to our partners for their support.

Enda Loughman, Will Forte, Mike Ahern:

  • What is Extra Ordinary about; where did the idea come from?
  • Are they believers?
  • Ahern talks about bringing Maeve Higgins into the fold.
  • How Forte got involved; did he get a clear understanding of the film’s unique tone from the script alone?
  • Loughman and Ahern talk about working with the Irish Film Board on such a crazy, silly film.
  • This idea happens to suit the series format very well; is that something Loughman and Ahern considered?
  • This is Loughman and Ahern’s first feature, but their VFX background came in handy.
  • They had to shoot in two rooms at the same time for the movie’s biggest set piece.
  • They discuss the photographic storyboards they made for that set piece.
  • There’s a good deal of fake vomit in the film; what is the ectoplasm made of?
  • Would Forte rather fake sneeze or fake vomit in a scene?

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