Will Forte Talks NEBRASKA, Acting Opposite Bruce Dern and Local Townspeople, the Taste of Bull Testicles, and More

     December 1, 2013


In the pursuit of ‘reality’, filmmaker Alexander Payne (The Descendants) has a penchant for casting untrained locals in supporting roles, adding an unquantifiable amount verisimilitude to his pictures.  In Payne’s latest Nebraska, the cracked and tanned faces of local townsfolk sneak into the foreground and background of nearly every shot.  The fact that these “real people” are cast opposite “real actors” (like Bruce Dern and Will Forte) somehow legitimizes the picture.  In talking with star Will Forte, he was quick to note just how accurate Nebraska (the film) is to the place it takes its name from.  Forte is a natural fit to the “reality” of Nebraska, his low-key charm and aw-shucks smile blending in naturally amongst the locals.  One could almost be mistaken into thinking the SNL veteran was some resident talent Payne discovered just before shooting.

In the following interview with Will Forte, he discusses shooting in Nebraska (the place), working opposite untrained actors and the taste of the Midwestern delicacy: bull testicles(!).  For the full interview, hit the jump.

Will Forte:

  • How accurate a depiction do you feel Nebraska (the film) is?
  • What was the reaction of the townspeople to an actual film crew shooting there?
  • What did you take away from visiting Nebraska for the first time?
  • Will Forte discusses the taste of bull testicles…
  • How was it acting opposite “real people” for the film?
  • Does he approach a scene differently when he’s acting opposite Bruce Dern versus someone without any formal acting experience?


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