EASY A Helmer Will Gluck to Direct Agatha Christie Action-Adventure AGATHA for Paramount

     March 5, 2013


Director Will Gluck is adding another potential project to his growing development pile.  Gluck most recently helmed the better-than-they-ought-to-be Easy A and Friends with Benefits and is currently prepping to start filming the Annie remake later this year with Best Actress nominee and Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhane Wallis set as the lead.  Though Annie is next on his docket, Gluck hasn’t stopped searching for other future projects as he has just attached himself to direct the action-adventure film Agatha for Paramount Pictures.

Written on spec by Allison Schroeder, Agatha envisions what happened to mystery author Agatha Christie during the 11 days she went missing in December of 1926.  Plot details are unknown at this time, but the film’s tone is described as “a female Sherlock Holmes meets Romancing the Stone.”  Hit the jump for more on the source incident, Christie’s mysterious disappearance. 

agatha-christieAfter quarreling with her then-husband over his request for a divorce, Agatha Christie left their shared residence in Berkshire on the night of December 3, 1926.  The author left behind a letter for her secretary saying she was going to Yorkshire, and she was not found until 10 days later, when it was discovered that she was staying as a guest at a hotel in Yorkshire under a different name.  Christie never accounted for the missing days, and opinions over the ordeal differed greatly. Some thought the author suffered a nervous breakdown from the dissolution of her marriage, while others surmised that she planned the entire incident as a stunt to embarrass her husband.  Whatever the case, the public was sufficiently panicked at outraged.

I’ll be interested to see where Agatha takes the story, but seeing as how it’s described as an “action-adventure,” I doubt we’ll see much serious drama with regards to Christie’s mental health.  Gluck has a number of other potential films that he’s developing to direct including an adaptation of the novel Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper, a remake of the 2006 Swiss drama Vitus called How to Disappear Completely, and the action-comedy Secretaries Day.

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