William Hurt Exclusive Video Interview – THE INCREDIBLE HULK

     June 11, 2008

A few days ago, I covered the international press day for “The Incredible Hulk” as a reporter from the website Omelete.

As most of you know, Collider and Omelete are partners. When we post clips or exclusives, they also post it. When they get stuff…we use it. They’re in Portuguese and we’re in English. As I’ve said many times…it’s a perfect marriage. Also, since they’re based in San Paolo, when they get invited to do stuff here in Los Angeles…they send me.So while many websites fight over exclusives, we’re examples of how you can work together and both thrive.

Anyway, let’s get to why we’re here.

As you can originally see on Omelete, I interviewed William Hurt for “Incredible Hulk.” If you didn’t know…William plays General Thunderbolt Ross and he’s the reason why Bruce Banner is on the run. And since most of you know the rest of the plot…let’s get to that interview.

During my five or so minutes we covered filming in Brazil, how his family helped him with the part, I asked him about all the deleted scenes that Louis Leterrier told me about (posted yesterday), and of course I asked him if he’d be up for playing the General in the Avengers movie. It’s a great interview and one I think you’ll enjoy.

Finally, over the next two days Omelete will be posting video interviews with Liv Tyler and Tim Roth, so as they post them, we’ll have them here as well.

And with that…here’s the interview.

William Hurt Hulk Interview

  • Omelete talk
  • What was it like being in Brazil
  • What about being in the favelas
  • Vantage Point talk
  • I ask about his son and how his knowledge of the comics and Hulk influenced him in the movie.
  • I ask him about the 70 minutes that Lois cut out and what scenes he was in that were missing. He talks about them.
  • At the premiere, the scene that got the biggest reaction was Robert Downey Jr.’s cameo with Thunderbolt Ross. I ask him about the Avengers movie and if he’s interested in continuing to play the role.

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