William Shatner on What It Would Take for Him to Guest Star on THE BIG BANG THEORY

     February 14, 2013


While I’ve been able to interview a number of amazing people while working for Collider, last weekend I finally talked to one of my favorite childhood heroes: William Shatner.  Like many of you, I grew up watching Star Trek.  Sitting in my grandmother’s living room and watching the original episodes with my father is actually one of my earliest memories, and it will always be one of the biggest influences on why I grew up being a nerd.  Which I am very proud of.  So when I was offered an extended video interview with Shatner for the animated feature, Escape from Planet Earth, I jumped at the chance.  Thankfully, he was in a great mood and we talked about a wide variety of subjects.   As I sit here editing the interview for posting tomorrow, I decided to offer a small tease of what’s to come.

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you know many Star Trek actors (Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton) have made guest appearances on the show.   When I put on Twitter that I’d be talking to Shatner, a few of you asked if he’d be willing to also guest star on the CBS sitcom.  He told me he’s been asked a few times but he didn’t want to go on the show.  However, it sounds like he’s warming to the idea, because he said “if they came up with a really good reason for being on there…a really funny reason…I would do it.”  Hit the jump to watch and look for the full interview tomorrow.


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