William Shatner Reads from Captain Kirk’s Memoirs and Things Get Sexy at Comic-Con

     July 9, 2015

william-shatner-james-kirk-comic-conWith the word BOSS inscribed across his chest (the Hugo half being hidden by his suit jacket), William Shatner lived up to that title—as well as the rank of Captain—as he read excerpts from the upcoming book, The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, which will be hitting shelves on Sept. 8, the anniversary of Star Trek’s premiere. Shatner got huge laughs reading, and especially riffing off, the material. He also spoke with the book’s author, David A. Goodman, a writer on Family Guy, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Futurama, for which he penned the Trek homage, “Where No Fan Has Gone Before.” Learn how Shatner coined several new sexual euphemisms and much more below.

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