William Shatner Talks ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, THE BIG BANG THEORY, His 2013 Projects, STAR TREK/STAR WARS, Priceline, and More

     February 15, 2013


Now playing in theaters is the 3D animated feature, Escape from Planet Earth.  The story centers on some aliens who get captured during a mission to Earth and are tossed into the secure holding site of Area 51, but they quickly find that they are not alone.  Escape From Planet Earth features the voices of Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, William Shatner, Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, Craig Robinson, George Lopez, Steve Zahn, Chris Parnell, Ricky Gervais and Jonathan Morgan Heit.

During the recent Los Angeles press day, I landed an exclusive video interview with Shatner (who voices General Shanker).  During the interview we talked about making Escape From Planet Earth, why he wanted to do a voice, will he ever do a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory, what’s it like for him when he attends conventions, what his schedule is like nowadays as he’s working on a wide variety of projects, why Star Trek and Star Wars have stood the test of time, does he get free flights via Priceline, and so much more.  Hit the jump to watch.

William Shatner:

  • Does he read a lot of the movie websites. Talks about social networks.
  • Why did he want to be involved with Escape From Planet Earth
  • How did the script change during production
  • How many takes does he like to do
  • Will he ever do a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory
  • What’s the one thing he can’t live without when working
  • What is it like for him when he attends a convention.  Also, what do people want to talk about
  • What’s his schedule like nowadays
  • What’s coming up in 2013. Another album, another book, horse riding, a documentary and more
  • Does he get free flights from Priceline
  • What is it about Star Wars and Star Trek that has stood the test of time.  Also talks about J.J. Abrams and why his film works


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