Wilmer Valderrama and Lauren Shuler Donner Interviewed – ‘Unaccompanied Minors’

     December 10, 2006

I simply don’t have enough time in the day. A great example are these interviews. I wanted to get these transcribed in their entirety but it’s already Sunday and tomorrow marks the start point for other interviews that need to post this week. So what I decided to do was transcribe selected answers and then offer you the entire interviews as audio downloads. Sorry that I couldn’t do entire transcripts.

Lauren Shuler Donner – I chose to transcribe her answering questions about future X-Men stuff as well as the solo Wolverine film. If you listen to the audio she also talks about future Constantine films as well as her involvement with bringing to the screen CirqueDu Freak, a Harry Potter type series.

Wilmer Valderrama – I figured you would want to know about the CHIPS movie that is coming, so that info is below.

Both interviews really are worth listening to, so if you have the time make sure you download them. To download either interview just click on the persons name.

Lauren Shuler Donner

Question: What’s the superhero update?

Lauren Shuler Donner: Well, we’re going to do Wolverine, I hope in the fall and we’re out to a director, now, we have a good script. And I think we’re going to do Young Magneto, we have a really great script, we have a director that is interested and he’ll do a rewrite on the script. But, it’s young Magneto and its young Xavier. Not kid young but, you know,when Magneto got through the Holocaust and when he, Erik Lehnsherr, became Magneto.

There’s been talk and we recently asked Hugh about this, regarding Bryan Singer saying he had been offered to direct Wolverine, but I guess there is a schedule conflict regarding Man of Steel, is there still a possibility Bryan could still do Wolverine?

I would love it. We would love nothing more than to have Bryan do Wolverine, but Bryan is developing the sequel to Superman so I don’t know, it depends on scheduling, but nothing would please all of us more.

Hugh also said that he was going to do Baz’s film, and then he wants four months to really bulk up and get in as best shape as possible. He was thinking January or February of 08…

Yes, I know, he is thinking that, we’re thinking Fall. Sorry Hugh! (laughter)

Do you think there is a way that maybe for a whole year we could have several X-Men sequels or spin offs to carryus through?

Yes we could and there’ssome other ideas that we are going to be delving into, but it’s often availability of actor, availability of director and weather conditions, so you don’t always have that luxury. And most importantly, the release date – what else is coming out, what other comic book moviesare we goingagainst? So we always set our release dates before we ever start filming those movies.

Tom Rothman recently saidThe Last Stand was the last of that groupof X-Men, we never saw Gambit, what’s in the pipeline for this franchise?

I can’t say (laughter)

Will we ever see Gambit?

Probably, the reason we didn’t use Gambit was because in a sense his persona is a bit like Wolverine in that he’s got attitude and his power is not quite as exciting as the others. That’s why we went to Nightcrawler on two because he looked different than everybody else and he had a great power. So yes, I think we would weave Gambit within our story,it wouldn’t be The Gambit Movie. I mean, I love him.

Wilmer Valderrama

Question: What is going on with CHIPS?

Wilmer Valderrama: CHIPS we are actually, we got the script, the script is fantastic. We are looking for a director and we are looking at shooting sometime later next year. I might do one or two movies before because this movie takes a lot of prepping. But sometime later next year, that’s what we are gearing up for.

Is it a comedy?

The movie is exactly what every remake should’ve been. I think that it should respect the franchise because a lot of people respect their childhood shows and love the shows, but at the same time we allow ourselves to have fun with it. We don’t make fun of the idea, but we have fun with the characters. I believe that it has a serious storyline, a serious plot, but the characters are so colorful and not in a goofy way, but they’re so chemistry driven, that’s where the comedy comes from. From the reality of themselves and who they were. And that’s where the movie lies and that’s the best way to describe the movie. It has a fun, action, serious plot but these two guys are so likeable together, you know what I mean? It’s very, very colorful and it’s a lot of fun.

Do you know who your co-star will be on that?

We don’t know who my co-star is going to be yet. There are a few ideas up in the air, there was a big rumor that Chris Evans was gonna be the guy, it’s just some big rumor. He’s a great friend of mine and I think that it would be an awesome choice, you know, because he is really funny, but we don’t have anyone locked into the role yet.

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