August 4, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

I am always suspicious when I see a trailer for a film that features loads of talented actors and no release date – a trailer like the one that just surfaced for “Winged Creatures,” a serious indie-type drama starring Forest Whitaker, Kate Beckinsale, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Guy Pearce.

That’s a pretty strong cast – I’m especially fond of Guy Pearce (whose presence I have sorely missed since I last saw him in the otherwise forgettable “Factory Girl”) – so why no release date? Perhaps someone knows something about “Winged Creatures” that I don’t, something like the “Creature” refers to a terrifying teenaged Dakota Fanning? I guess I forgot to mention that Fanning is also in the cast; then again maybe I did it on purpose because she creeps me out. Regardless, for those of you who wonder if she is growing up to look anything like Amy Poehler – stop wondering and find out.

Dakota or no, “Winged Creatures” is either a total mess or the trailer is doing it no service – it is certainly lengthy enough, yet still manages to leave you with almost no idea of what the film is about. ‘Someone gets shot in a diner; others are upset and confused as a result’ – that’s about all I took in. The official synopsis paints the film as one of those “we are all connected by an event” movies that have become so popular since “Crash,” but I got no sense of connectivity from the two minutes I saw. Perhaps that is why “Winged Creatures” will be in theatres on “TBD.”

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