Marvel Developing Winter Soldier-Falcon Limited Series for Disney’s Streaming Service

     October 30, 2018

winter-soldier-falconEmpire writer Malcolm Spellman has been tapped to write a limited series for Disney’s streaming service that would center around the Marvel superheroes Falcon and Winter Solider, according to Variety.

The news comes on the heels of recent reports that Disney and Marvel were prepping multiple limited series centered MCU characters who have never had their own standalone movies, a la Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. Loki and Scarlet Witch are also expected to be the subject of their own limited series, which are expected to be between six and eight episodes. That addressed one complaint that has plagued some of Marvel’s Netflix series, which typically offer 13-episode seasons, dragging out the story a few hours too long.


Image via Marvel Studios

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are expected to reprise their MCU characters, who had their breakout moments in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, though Stan appeared as Bucky Barnes in the first Captain America movie. The duo most recently appeared together in Avengers: Infinity War. Personally, Falcon is one of my favorite characters in the MCU and I’ve always wanted Mackie to get more screen time, as I just think he’s a better actor than many of his superhero peers, Robert Downey Jr. not withstanding. I mean, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are both great as Cap and Thor, but as actors they still have limitations that I don’t think encumber Mackie. Besides, there’s a lot more about Sam Wilson that I’m eager to learn.

As for Winter Soldier, the character has always been a bit of a blank to me (purposely so, I imagine), though I suppose I’m curious how a limited series would change my perception. The character is certainly ripe for exploration, and I’ll admit that Stan has grown on me as a performer following his turns in I, Tonya and the upcoming thriller Destroyer. Perhaps this will be his moment to shine.

Spellman becomes the first writer hired on a Marvel series in development at Disney’s streaming service. He’s represented by CAA and Industry Entertainment Partners.


Image via Marvel