Exclusive: Amazon’s Animated Kids Series ‘Wishenpoof’ Returns in This Season 2 Trailer

     September 7, 2017


Here’s something to start your day off right! We have the exclusive premiere of the Season 2 trailer of Wishenpoof, the magical, animated Amazon Kids series returning later this month. Created by Angela C. Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood), the series’ learning approach is based on Ellen Galinsky’s “Seven Essential Life Skills” framework that focuses on skills to help children reach their full potential by having empathy for others, tackling challenges, communicating effectively, thinking critically, and to never stop learning. Wishenpoof may be for the little ones, but those are goals we can all aspire to.

Wishenpoof centers on Bianca (Addison Holley), a fairy who can grant wishes using Wish Magic; Jason Priestly lends his voice to play Bianca’s dad. The series highlights Bianca’s thought process as she solves problems in her own creative way. After a very well-received first season, Season 2 will return September 26th with 13 all-new episodes. The season will end with an all-new, two-part Christmas special. Fans can expect new anthems, new worlds, new characters, and newfound magic when Bianca’s little brother Ben (Kaelyn Breitkopf) gains his own Wish Magic!

Each episode also features a new song by Bianca for viewers to sing along with and, starting September 26th as well, the Wishenpoof Season 2 soundtrack will be available to stream exclusively via Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. You can get caught up with Wishenpoof Season 1 on Amazon Prime now!

Check out the new trailer for Season 2 of Amazon’s Wishenpoof below:

Join Bianca, her little brother Ben, and her hilarious teddy bear sidekick Bob as they navigate day-to-day problems and find new adventures, in Wish World, at Grammie’s farm and more! Wishenpoof returns September 26th. Stream the current season exclusively with your Prime membership.

Here’s the show’s official synopsis:

Bianca is just like any other little girl, except for one teensy little thing. Bianca has Wish Magic, so she can make wishes come true. Whether she’s at home in Wish World, at the Willow Tree with her fairy friends, or at school with her non-fairy friends, Bianca and her hilarious teddy bear sidekick Bob navigate day-to-day problems with a little help from Bianca’s mom and of course, wish magic.