‘W/ Bob & David’: Teaser Trailer Premieres, Sets Release Date for Netflix’s Comedy Series

     September 16, 2015


Time, and age, have suited Bob Odenkirk and David Cross very well. Following the duo’s 1995-98 run on HBO as Mr. Show, a crowning work in the comedy scene of the 1990s, Cross has become something of a comedy icon, releasing a handful of excellent stand-up specials and appearing in movies as wide-ranging as I’m Not There, Kung Fu Panda, and the Men in Black films. He’s also had quite a lot of success on television, having co-starred in Arrested freaking Development, The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret, and Archer. In contrast, Odenkirk has ventured into more dramatically ambitious terrain, most famously portraying Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but also proving hugely moving in The Spectacular Now and Alexander Payne‘s excellent Nebraska. He’s also a bonafide hoot on Fargo Season 1.


Image via Netflix

Now, a decade later, Odenkirk and Cross are teaming back up to return to their roots in sketch comedy in W/ Bob & David, a Netflix comedy series that was previously announced  as being one of the streaming services next major original programs. The four new episodes of W/ Bob & David will premiering, in full, on Nov. 13th, and the series is expected to include work from the likes of Paul F. TompkinsJay Johnston, John Ennis,  and Brian Posehn, amongst other Mr. Show alumns and colleagues of the performers. To announce the release date, Netflix has released a short teaser trailer of W/ Bob & David, which features what would seemingly be the opening bit of the series, featuring the comedic diptych stepping out of a port-a-potty-cum-time-machine with Rumpelstiltskin beards. Even though there will be a little under two hours of new sketches from Odenkirk and Cross, the Netflix series is easily amongst the most anticipated television events of the fall, one of the few happenings of rehashing the 1990s that isn’t worthy of derision and could encourage even the most cynical of comedy aficionados.

Here’s the teaser trailer for W/ Bob & David:


Image via AMC