CARNOSAUR 2 Director Louis Morneau to Helm WOLFMAN Reboot, WEREWOLF

     July 7, 2011

Last month we reported that Universal hadn’t given up the ghost on their Wolfman franchise and intended to reboot it as “Werewolf“.  The reboot would reportedly have more in common with George Waggner’s original 1941 film The Wolf Man than last year’s film.  Now Movieline (who broke the story about the reboot) is reporting that Universal has hired Louis Morneau to direct Werewolf.  Who is Louis Morneau?  Well, did you know that Joy Ride, the remake of The Hitcher, and Carnosaur all had sequels?  It’s true!  And the man who directed those sequels, along with the 1999 Lou Diamond Phillips horror flick Bats, was Morneau.  My interest in Werewolf just increased ten-fold.

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