Universal to Reboot THE WOLFMAN as WEREWOLF?

     June 9, 2011

Universal’s The Wolfman didn’t work out.  Original director Mark Romanek wanted more money to make the film work, Universal didn’t want to give it to him, he left, the studio found a new director in Joe Johnston.  But due to the amount of reshoots and other costs, Universal ended up spending more than if they had just given Romanek the extra money he wanted in the first place.  Oh, and the film wasn’t very good, although it was certainly better than thought considering all of the behind-the-scenes nonsense.

Moviehole reports that Universal hasn’t given up The Wolfman and intends to reboot the series and create a film, tentatively titled “Werewolf” that has more in common with George Waggner’s original 1941 film The Wolf Man than the character’s most recent iteration.  The studio is reportedly talking to prospective directors over the next few weeks and hopes to begin shooting this fall.  That’s a fast track for a product no one really wanted last time.  Presumably, Universal believes that because werewolves are popular in Twilight, their popularity will carry over to a new franchise.  As we all know, it’s the werewolves that people love in Twilight, not the muscular shirtless dudes and sappy romance.

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