WOLVERINE Sequel: Michael Green Will Pen Hugh Jackman’s Last Turn as the Mutant

     April 24, 2015


20th Century Fox has hired Green Lantern and Heroes scribe Michael Green to write the script for the upcoming The Wolverine sequel. Hugh Jackman will reunite with director James Mangold for the follow-up to their 2013 stand alone film, which offered a more introspective look at the character (until the third act devolved into the obligatory comic book movie action-fest).

Per The Wrap, Green is returning to superhero territory after penning the highly anticipated Bladerunner sequel. David James Kelly was previously attached to pen the script for what Jackman recently announced will be his final performance as the grizzled mutant. According to recent comments by Patrick Stewart, the film may feature Professor Xavier and explore the fascinating relationship between the two characters. The Wolverine sequel is expected to arrive in theaters March 3, 2017, so it makes sense that Fox is putting the wheels into motion on the project at this time.


Image via 20th Century Fox

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