‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ Filming Locations and Schedule Revealed

     November 13, 2015


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now deep into the post-production process and Suicide Squad firmly in the can, Warner Bros. is now readying its next DC Cinematic Universe superhero film for production: Wonder Woman. The movie took a bit to get off the ground, but it’s now solidly moving forward with Patty Jenkins (Monster) directing, Gal Gadot starring as the titular superhero character, Chris Pine at her side, and possibly Nicole Kidman in a major role. So when does the movie start filming anyway, and where does Justice League Part One fit into the schedule?

These are the questions Steve put to producer and Atlas Entertainment founder Charles Roven in a wide-ranging interview conducted at the end of October, and the member of the DC Brain Trust was more than happy to answer:

“We’re actually gonna start shooting [Wonder Woman] towards the end of [November]… We are shooting in the U.K. and in Italy.”

Plenty of productions are setting up shop in the U.K. nowadays—including multiple Star Wars and Marvel Studios films—but Italy marks a curious location for the Wonder Woman picture. We still don’t know exactly when the movie takes place, and while Italy doesn’t necessarily give it away, it does provide another clue to the puzzle.


Image via Warner Bros.

But Warner Bros. is also hard at work prepping the next film after Wonder Woman, director Zack Snyder’s massive Justice League Part One, which opens in theaters just a few months after the female-led superhero pic. That film aims to unite Wonder Woman, Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and possibly even more DC superheroes as Warner Bros.’ answer to The Avengers finally makes it to the screen, and Roven confirmed that filming on that picture begins early next year—although he also revealed that Part One and Justice League Part Two are not shooting back-to-back, meaning they’re two separate productions:

“We’re making most of Wonder Woman [in the U.K.] and we’re also making most of Justice League there, JL One… We’re definitely gonna be shooting Part One in the first or second quarter of next year.”

It’s curious that Snyder isn’t directing Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two as one giant movie, but also kind of promising. So many films these days simply feel like episodes of a TV series, and even though the first Justice League movie is clearly marked as a “Part One”, perhaps the fact that it’s being treated as an entirely separate production will make it feel more like a satisfying standalone film unto itself.


Image via Warner Bros

Wonder Woman is slated for release on June 23, 2017 while Justice League Part One opens in theaters on November 17, 2017. If you missed our previous coverage from Steve’s lengthy interview with Roven, peruse the links below.


Image via Warner Bros

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