‘Wonder Woman’ Costumes and Props Revealed at Licensing Expo 2016

     June 21, 2016


While you’ve no doubt noticed the bevy of Justice League coverage on the site at the moment, Warner Bros. still has one more DC Extended Universe film to go before we get to Zack Snyder’s team-up movie, and that’s Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins directs the first female-led superhero film of the modern era (ie. since the genre exploded into the mainstream), and while Collider’s own Steve Weintraub was walking the floor at the Licensing Expo 2016 in Las Vegas earlier today, he was able to snap plenty of photos of a display of new Wonder Woman costumes and props.

Details on the film are still firmly under wraps, but we do know that it primarily takes place during World War I and will find Gal Gadot’s titular superhero butting heads with her superiors in her Amazonian home as well as battling outside forces alongside a group of non-superheroes, including Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. The cast also includes Robin Wright as General Antiope, Connie Nielsen as Diana Prince’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, and an ensemble made up of David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Lucy Davis, Saïd Taghmaoui, and more.

Check out the images below. Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2, 2017.

wonder-woman-movie-costume wonder-woman-movie-costume-2 wonder-woman-movie-steve-trevor-costume wonder-woman-movie-costume-steve-trevor

wonder-woman-movie-weapons-display wonder-woman-movie-shield wonder-woman-movie-queens-guard-sword wonder-woman-movie-weapons

wonder-woman-movie-shield-display wonder-woman-movie-sword-amazon wonder-woman-movie-sword1wonder-woman-movie-arrow-tip wonder-woman-movie-arrows

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