‘Wonder Woman’ Set Videos Show Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in World War I-Era Action

     December 28, 2015


Recently released set images from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie confirmed that at least a portion of the film would be taking place during the early 1900s, likely during World War I. Now, we have video from the London-based set that reveals Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in action. This shoot appears to be taking place in London’s Lincoln’s Inn at Thirteen Old Square Chambers, complete with period-appropriate set dressing to give the setting a real early 20th-century feel.

Don’t expect much action in this unsanctioned look; it’s more to establish the background of the scene and the costuming as well. As revealed in the official image of Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and in the unofficial shots of Pine’s Steve Trevor, you can easily spot the heroine’s cloak as she’s escorted through a crowd by Trevor. With Wonder Woman opening June 23, 2017, this is likely the best glimpse into the production we’ll see for some time.

Take a look at these recent set videos from Wonder Woman below (via Comicbook.com):



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Image via Warner Bros.

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