‘Wonder Woman’ Gets the MPAA Rating You Knew It Would Get

     March 22, 2017


Wonder Woman is a tentpole superhero movie. There’s been no discussion to this point about it being Rated “R”. Despite the success of Deadpool and Logan, PG-13 is still the standard rating for a superhero movie (and most blockbusters in general), and it looks like that will continue to be the case for Wonder Woman.

The MPAA has announced that Wonder Woman has been rated PG-13 for “for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content.” You’ve seen a superhero movie before, so you know what this entails even if you don’t specifically know what’s happening in Wonder Woman. There’s not going to be blood and guts. There’s not going to be nudity. No one is going to say the word “fuck” more than once if at all.


Image via Warner Bros.

I’m fine with a PG-13 rating for Wonder Woman. While I’ve argued in the past that we need a rating between PG-13 and R, a superhero action film, especially one like Wonder Woman that doesn’t need to be excessively gritty, is fine at PG-13. If a ten-year-old find their way to the theater and buys a ticket, it’s not the end of the world if they see an Amazonian warrior beating up German soldiers.

I also don’t think it’s the same situation as Dunkirk, where Nolan is working from historical events. While Wonder Woman will have to thread the needle of not trearing World War I lightly, it’s still a story that puts fantasy action at the forefront. Additionally, Captain America: The First Avenger showed that it was possible to meld superhero action with a war story and still come away with a respectful, rousing movie.

Also, considering the tone has been fairly consistent throughout the trailers and director Patty Jenkins isn’t Zack Snyder or David Ayer, I would be surprised if there turns out to be an unrated cut or R-rated version. Wonder Woman just isn’t that kind of character and from what I’ve seen so far Jenkins doesn’t seem to be eyeing anything that requires more than a PG-13.


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