Screenwriter Jason Fuchs on ‘Wonder Woman’ and DC’s Cinematic Vision

     September 24, 2015


Late last year, screenwriter Jason Fuchs was rumored to be onboard the team of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Wonder Woman adaptation based on the strength of his Pan screenplay. While Steve got the opportunity to interview Fuchs for the upcoming Peter Pan prequel movie – which opens in theaters on October 9th – he also managed to sneak in a couple of DC Comics Cinematic Universe questions.

Fuchs was understandably cagey about whether or not he was officially a screenwriter for Wonder Woman, but he did give his opinion on the state of the DCCU and how it compares to similar comic book movie franchises at other studios. He praised Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder’s handling of the DC superhero films, talked about how he’s been a lifelong fan of DC Comics, and his desire to see what the studio is going to do next. Check out what he had to say in the video interview below:

Here are Fuchs’ select quotes:

Warners has been very kind to me, I have to say.

That’s about as close as you’ll get to a confirmation that he’s working on Wonder Woman. Since the film doesn’t open until June 23, 2017, the film adaptation could quite conceivably add a few screenwriters to the stable between now and then. Even if Fuchs was confirmed as the sole screenwriter at this point, I can’t imagine it will remain that way for long.


Image via Warner Bros.

He then shifted the conversation away from his own involvement to that of Warner Bros. and DC Comics Cinematic Universe:

This is what I would say. When you work for DC, it’s sort of like working for the CIA. You have a vow of silence. I think, as we speak, Zack Snyder’s gonna come in here and put a muzzle on me. The trouble with these things is that you really can’t say much. So I’m excited about everything that’s going on in that universe. And I’ve certainly read the same reports you’ve read about my involvement and what that might be, but I can only speak to it as a fan. I can tell you, I am someone who from a very young age was a huge fan of DC Comics. A huge fan of that key troika in the Justice League of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as all the other characters.


So I am very, very happy that that DC Cinematic Universe is finally being fleshed out. I don’t think it’s any secret that people who have seen the Batman v Superman trailer, the Suicide Squad trailer can see that this is a very different cinematic universe than the one that Marvel has constructed over at Disney, or the one that Simon Kinberg and company have constructed with X-Men over at Fox. It’s a really specific, grand, slightly darker, slightly grittier place. As a fan of those comic books, a fan of those movies, I’m excited to see where it goes next.

I do like that Fuchs has dipped a toe into the combative conversation that has been brewing among the comic book movie studios for a while, but his comments more or less amount to praising Warner Bros. and hoping that they keep making comic book movies in the same vein as they have been. In the meantime, be sure to check out Fuchs’ work in Pan when it opens October 9th.


Image via Warner Bros.


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