March 1, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

This past weekend San Francisco’s WonderCon made a bit of a splash by holding panels for some big upcoming movies. But before we get to J.J. Abrams back-pedaling on “Star Trek” and McG trying to make an R-rated “Terminator” movie with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger (apparently it’s 1984), “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz was asked about the status of the “Arrested Development” movie during the panel for Hurwitz’ new animated show “Sit Down, Shut Up”.

ComingSoon.net reported on Hurwitz’s response to the question: “Here’s what’s going on with the movie,” Hurwitz told the audience of his fans. “Everyone goes off and has careers and that kind of thing, so it’s been a little challenging to schedule everybody together, but everyone who has agreed to make this movie has agreed to make this movie, and we’re going to make the movie. I haven’t written it yet, so I’ll be accepting pitches. We’re determined to do this.”

“It was a great joy and privilege, all kidding aside, to do a show that took risks and with such a wonderful cast and wonderful writers,” he continued. “For us, it’s irresistible. Here’s an interesting thing about it. When we did the show, one of the things that really made it work is that we didn’t hold ourselves up to any standard. We got a lot of positive critical recommendations, but we even kind of ignored those and just did what was funny to us, and kind of remained the underdog in a great way. It was very clear early on that we weren’t going to be a big hit, so it really was a labor of love. Now suddenly, there is a bar to hit. I think the key to this is once we get as many pieces as we’re going to, which appears we have, we’ll just dive in and have fun and see if we can create the same thing. But we’re excited about it.”

But back to movies we’ll actually see this year, “Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams created a bit of a kerfuffle when he said “We made this film not for Trekkies but for future fans of ‘Star Trek'”. Abrams quickly corrected himself when faced with a horde of butt-hurt Trek-fans and made the following clarification (via SciFi Wire):

“If we were just to make the movie for fans of Star Trek, then we would be limiting the audience enormously. … Because we love this, because we are beholden to you, because the fans of Star Trek are what allows us to make a version of Star Trek now at all, I can assure you that we are making this movie for you. In many ways it goes without saying, although it’s important that we say it. I’ve taken some flak for saying in the press we’re making this for future fans of Star Trek, as if we don’t care about the existing fans. That could not be further from the truth. We love and are beholden to existing fans of Star Trek.”

Abrams and writers/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci made sure to point out that the film would not only remain canon but be littered with reference to old-school Trek. Personally, I’m not sold but Steve said the footage he saw last year was the goods so I’m relying on that and not these guys’ attempts at damage control.

Finally, we have the long-suffering McG who at this point I imagine is wishing he never heard of the word “Terminator”. According to /Film, McG is currently fighting with Warner Bros. to get an R-rated cut of the film because there’s a shot of Moon Bloodgood topless and that Bloodgood’s character is partly an homage to Sarah Connor, “a strong yet beautiful woman”. The other part of the homage is to girls at Mardi Gras. Beads are very rare in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

As for whether or not Hamilton or Schwarzenegger will make cameos in “Salvation”, Aint-It-Cool says that involvement will be contingent on what happens in the next few weeks. While I think it would be neat to see or hear these characters in the film, at some point, McG’s film has to establish an identity of its own if it wants to stand as a new “Terminator” trilogy.

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