World Premiere – AMERICAN SUMMER Cannes Movie Trailer

     May 14, 2008

I love having a partner that’s a movie producer. While many other websites are owned by a corporation or a version of “the man,” Collider is proudly owned and operated by yours truly and a Mr. Warren Zide.

While all of you know me, only a select few will know Warren’s name and who he is. However, if you’ve ever seen the “American Pie” or “Final Destination” movies, you’ve seen Warren’s work.

You see, Warren’s a producer in the movie biz and he’s about to raise his output significantly. In case you didn’t see this recent Variety article…here’s some of it:

Warren Zide, producer of the “American Pie” and “Final Destination” franchises, is partnering with Parallel Media in a $70 million production financing deal covering eight films. The projects will be co-produced through Parallel Zide as a new division of Parallel Media, backed by Russian mogul Olga Mirimskaya.

First pic under the partnership is workplace comedy “Demoted,” which will commence production in early summer with a budget under $10 million. J.B. Rogers, who recently wrapped the comedy “Pool Boy,” will helm; Ryan Lewis exec produces.

Horror project “Bat Out of Hell,” written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan, looks like to be the next movie after “Demoted.” Craig Titley exec produces.

The new division will produce at least two genre movies a year in the $4 million-$15 million range.”

As you can see, Warren’s about to be even busier and that’s a great thing for all of us. As you might imagine when you’re partner’s a producer, he’s beginning to figure out ways to get Collider exclusives. While nothing is yet set up for his future projects, we’ve already talked about exclusive set visits and someother interesting opportunities…

Which brings us to today.

While the trailer for Warren’s latest movie was supposed to premiere at Cannes in a few days, he’s decided to let Collider post it first. The film’s called “American Summer” and it’s definitely inspired by the 80’s comedies that Warren grew up with.

Here’s the synopsis:

From the producer of “American Pie” and the director of “American Pie 2” comes “American Summer.” After a summer internship unexpectedly falls through, uptight, Harvard bound Alex Sperling has no other option but to work for his supposedly successful cousin Roger. Unfortunately, Alex discovers that Roger is a down-on-his-luck pool boy just days away from complete financial ruin. But Roger has a possible solution—team up with his call-girl neighbor to start an elite escort business. When the company unexpectedly succeeds despite the increasingly crazy clients, the trio must use their brains and their escorts to get out of the mess and get Alex back on the road to Harvard.

While the film hasn’t been shopped for domestic distribution, Warren said they tested the film recently and it played well above the norms.

And for those wondering…it doesn’t take place in the “American Pie” universe…it just shares the beginning of the title. The original title was “Pool Boys” and I think he’s definitely improved on that.

Anyway, Drew on AICN saw the film and called it an “American Pie version of Risky Business.” After watching the trailer, I think he nailed it.

And one last thing before the trailer…look, I realize there is definitely a conflict of interest writing about things my partner is producing. My promise to you is that I’m never going to lie to you. Never. If something is awful or I don’t like it…believe me I’ll write it that way. However, I like 80’s comedies and if Warren says it plays like one, I believe him.

And with that…enjoy the world premiere of the Cannes trailer for “American Summer.” For better quality, here is a QuickTime version.

a few photos from the set of American Summer

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