Movie Talk: ‘World War Z 2’ Courting David Fincher; David Ayer Reveals Who Killed Robin

     August 11, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (August 11th, 2016) Kristian Harloff, Scott Mantz, Jason Inman and Natasha Martinez discuss the following:

  • Antoine Fuqua in talks to direct Scarface remake
  • Black Manta rumored to be the villain for Aquaman
  • Ghostbusters unlikely to get a sequel due to poor box office returns
  • Opening this week (Brought to you by AMC Theatres)
  • Mail Bag

world-war-z-brad-pitt-david-morseAfter losing director J.A. Bayona to the Jurassic World universe, Brad Pitt is now zeroing in on an old friend for the World War Z sequel. According to a report from Variety, Pitt, along with Paramount and Skydance, are in talks with David Fincher to direct the sequel to the 2013 smash hit. Pitt will return to star in and produce the follow-up, and recently met with a handful of other directors, but is now said to be focuses on landing Fincher for the project, which is expected to start filming in early 2017. The report states that Fincher and Pitt met two weeks ago to discuss the possibility, with Fincher reportedly “lukewarm” about the project. Variety’s sources have since confirmed that negotiations are much further down the road and no one else currently has an offer to direct. After losing Bayona, the studio is expected to delay the film’s release which was originally set for June 9th, 2017.

It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment at the beginning of Suicide Squad that gave us the first clue as to who killed Robin in the DC Extended Universe. So before we begin, we are issuing a spoiler alert for the movie Suicide Squad. While we will be discussing things that happened before the movie, it can spoil certain elements so either fast forward or wait for the Spoiler Alert graphic to disappear if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad.


Image via Universal Pictures

According to a report from Deadline, Training Day and Magnificent Seven director Antoine Fuqua is in talks with Universal to direct a re-imagining of another screen classic, Scarface; the third iteration of the crime classic that Universal made in 1932 with director Howard Hawks and star Paul Muni and again in 1983 with director Brian De Palma and Al Pacino. The new story is said to borrow the immigrant rags-to-riches story by presenting it in contemporary Los Angeles. Jonathan Herman wrote the most recent draft, and Paul Attanasio and David Ayer wrote previous versions. Fuqua’s next movie, a remake itself, The Magnificent Seven, will be released in theatres on September 23rd. The film stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio.


It looks like that long-discussed crossover movie between 21 Jump Street and the Men in Black franchise may not happen after all. The project was first revealed during the Sony hack and became more “real” earlier this year when Sony Pictures entered talks with The Muppets and Alice Through the Looking Glass helmer James Bobin to direct. It was seen as a way to organically continue the Jump Street franchise while simultaneously rebooting the studio’s highly lucrative Men in Black series. Now, Jonah Hill tells the Toronto Sun (via a report from THR) that the film is unlikely to happen. Hill was however a bit more optimistic about a proper sequel to 22 Jump Street, expressing his enthusiasm for working with Channing Tatum, Lord and Miller again. But given the busy schedules, if 23 Jump Street happens it won’t be anytime soon.


Image via Warner Bros.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. may be hard at work on Justice League and Wonder Woman, but if Jason Momoa’s interpretation of Aquaman is any indication, they better focus on his movie lest they make him really mad. Hearing the call it seems, a new report from the Wrap looks to have just identified the movie’s villain and it happens to be the superhero’s greatest nemesis. As The Wrap reports, Black Manta will be the primary antagonist in James Wan’s Aquaman adaptation. No other details have been revealed at the moment and there’s still no official confirmation from WB or DC. Aquaman also stars Amber Heard as Mera and Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko. The movie is slated to open July 27, 2018.

Despite early enthusiasm from Sony about the Ghostbusters franchise and the shared-universe potential, the film’s estimated $75 million dollar box office loss might have ended the chances for a sequel. The July 2016 release currently has a domestic box office take just north of $117 million dollars with a disappointing $62.8 million dollars from the international market. It will expand into Spain and Japan in the next week or so, but being banned from playing in China hasn’t helped its overseas numbers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will likely peak at about $225 million dollars, which isn’t great considering estimates claim that Ghostbusters will need to make $300 million to break even thanks to its $144 million dollar production budget and the substantial size of the marketing campaign. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are reportedly signed on for two potential sequels, but that doesn’t mean a thing until the studio gives additional installments the greenlight. 


Pete’s DragonMr. Meacham (Robert Redford), a woodcarver, delights local children with stories of a mysterious dragon that lives deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) believes these are just tall tales, until she meets Pete (Oakes Fegley), a 10-year-old orphan who says he lives in the woods with a giant, friendly dragon. With help from a young girl named Natalie (Oona Laurence), Grace sets out to investigate if this fantastic claim can be true.

Florence Foster JenkinsIn the 1940s, New York socialite Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) dreams of becoming a great opera singer. Unfortunately, her ambition far exceeds her talent. The voice Florence hears in her head is beautiful, but to everyone else it is quite lousy. Her husband St. Clair (Hugh Grant) goes to extreme lengths to make sure his wife never finds out how awful she truly is. When Florence announces her plans for a concert at Carnegie Hall, St. Clair soon realizes that he’s facing his greatest challenge yet.

Blood FatherAn ex-convict (Mel Gibson) battles Mexican drug dealers who are trying to kill his estranged daughter (Erin Moriarty).


Adam B writes:

Hey guys,

What are some of the most creepy movie characters of recent years, either fiction or based on a true character? After watching Foxcatcher recently, my vote goes to Steve Carrell’s portrayal of John du Pont. Thanks.

Anthony Dykiel writes:

Hi Collider Crew

I recently read an article about a moviegoer suing WB and DC for false advertising on the recent Suicide Squad claiming that the Suicide Squad trailers show specific scenes with the Joker and many of those scenes are not in the movie. To me this sounds like a person complaining about the movie like the Rotten Tomatoes petition. My question is a two part question. Are production companies allowed to show scenes in trailers that they know will not be in the movie and do you think that trailers should show only scenes in the movie? I know that movies are cut and edited constantly within weeks of a release date but to me if you willing know a scene is not going to be in the movie and you show it in the trailer then I think to a certain extent that could be false advertising. Thank you and keep up the great work.



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