Storyboards and Concept Art for the Original Ending of WORLD WAR Z [UPDATED]

     July 14, 2013


After World War Z opened to become a surprise hit, word started spreading about the movie’s original ending.  The film was supposed to take an incredibly dark turn in the third act where we would jump ahead in time and see Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) conscripted into the Russian army to fight against the zombies.  This would eventually lead to a huge battle in Moscow.  That battle was never filmed, but the storyboards and concept art remains.  Storyboard artist David Allcock and concept artist Seth Engstrom have posted their work on their respective websites, and they provide a look at what probably would have been a thrilling set piece.  However, based on what we know about the narrative of the third act, the excitement from the scene would have been blunted by the depressing plot.

Hit the jump to take a look at a “What if?” version of World War Z. [Update: We’ve been asked by Paramount to take down the images, as they were unofficially leaked.]

removed image



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