Inflight Entertainment: 9 Great Movies You Shouldn’t Watch on a Plane

     June 14, 2017


Traveling is a bitch. Seats are getting smaller, prices are getting higher and waits are getting longer. You hustle to the airport, trudge through security, and spend hours in an overcrowded terminal with nothing but hundreds of grumpy travelers and overpriced food before cramming yourself in a metal tube with nothing but hundreds of grumpy travelers and overpriced food. There is, however, a saving grace: Glorious inflight entertainment. Nothing makes the time pass on an interminable flight like a few good movies, but there are some films you should never watch on a plane no matter how bored you get.

I travel pretty regularly for this job, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the whole ordeal goes a lot better when we make an effort to be considerate to the people around us. This takes a lot of forms – don’t get shitfaced wasted, no manspreading, only one bag in the overhead, and don’t watch movies that will obviously upset the people around you. So, what puts a movie on the no-fly list? Graphic violence, raunchy sex and, of course, depictions of horrifying plane crashes, among other things. Basically, anything like what’s on the list below.

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