Watch: The 5 Worst Trailers for 2017’s New Fall TV Series

     May 19, 2017

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And now, time for the not so great. Even though it’s an exciting time of the year for TV fans, where hopefully your favorite shows got renewed (you can check here to find out), there is also a freshman class of new shows to speculate about, complete with trailers to whet your appetites for the fall TV season. And in this case, making you wonder what the heck these networks were thinking.

Collider has weeded through the nearly 30 sneak peeks offered up this week at the New York Upfront presentation to bring you what we think look like the five worst shows of the upcoming season. We also have listed out the five best, and for even more you can catch up with more upfront coverage with the fall schedules for CBS, ABC, FoxNBC, and The CW as well.