‘The X-Files’: New TV Spot Teases Strange Cases for Mulder and Scully

     October 27, 2015


This is just about where you start realizing that it’s a full three months before The X-Files revival series actually begins to air. The return of Chris Carter‘s beloved Fox series, which originally ran for 9 seasons, has been on the docket for awhile now, with each on-set image, promotional high-def picture, bit of casting, and synopsis expansion reported on, and that’s not even getting into the TV spots and trailers that have been released thus far for the new series, which will run for six episodes starting on January 24th, 2016. That being said, the latest short TV spot-trailer does seem to highlight the new creatures and singular cases that Agents Mulder and Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, will have to tackle in the new set of episodes.

Check out the new TV spot-trailer for The X-Files revival below:

My hesitancy toward the revival has always been fueled by my sneaking suspicion that the new series will waste too much of its limited narrative time building up a season-long arc having to do with extraterrestrials and the government. The shift from singular cases, like the organ-eating, ageless killer in “Tooms” or the radioactive man-sized fluke worm in “The Host,” to bigger narrative arcs that never yielded the show’s crucial element of pulp in the latter seasons made the show less fun too watch.

By the middle of season eight, it became almost laborious to watch the original X-Files, only paid off in brief blips of oddness that was the show’s calling card in the unparalleled first four seasons. As this trailer shows, however, there are plenty of strange, unsettling happenings that Mulder and Scully will have to face in the new X-Files, giving a clear sense of the actual cases that Carter has always said would be balanced with the larger storyline of the six episodes. And now, we wait.


Image via Fox