Comic-Con: First Look at X-MEN: THE ADAMANTIUM COLLECTION Blu-ray Set with Claw Packaging

     July 18, 2013


Though The Wolverine doesn’t come out until next weekend, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is getting a jump on the film’s Blu-ray release by announcing a great-looking limited edition box set that includes all six X-Men films, including The Wolverine.  The Blu-rays are housed in a really cool box that features Wolverine’s adamantium claws.  There’s no official word on when this thing will hit stores or what kind of bonus content is included, but one presumes it could be ready in time for the holidays later this year.  You can pre-order X-Men: The Adamantium Collection—which is a Comic-Con exclusive—on the Comic-Con convention floor in the Fox booth.  Hit the jump to take a look at an image of the set.


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