Watch: Stop Motion Re-Creation of X-MEN Animated Series Intro

     December 18, 2012


Director Bryan Singer’s first two feature film adaptations of X-Men are great, and Matthew Vaughn’s 2011 period take X-Men: First Class was excellent, but the animated series iteration of X-Men will always be closest to my heart.  The show began its run in 1992 on Fox as part of the network’s Saturday morning Fox Kids lineup, and it thoroughly entertained audiences throughout its five seasons.  One of the highlights of the series was its intro, complete with an unmistakable theme song, and now someone has taken it upon himself to painstakingly recreate said intro using stop-motion.  It’s quite a fun watch, and it even features a new iteration of the X-Men theme.

Hit the jump to check out the stop motion version of the show’s opening, and if you’d like a blast from the past click here to watch the series in its entirety on Netflix.

Here’s the video, created by director Kyle Roberts (via Buzzfeed):

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original intro for the X-Men animated series: