Bryan Singer Bringing Back X2 Writers Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

     December 19, 2013


X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn’t hit theaters until May, but Bryan Singer is already looking ahead to one of the mutants’ biggest foes.  The director recently announced that X-Men: Apocalypse was in the works, and now he’ll be re-teaming X2 screenwriters Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris to collaborate with Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg on the story.  David Hayter also contributed to the X2 screenplay, but apparently he’s not on board for Apocalypse.  Between this and not being rehired to voice Solid Snake for Metal Gear Solid 5, that dude is getting no love.  While I’m a Hayter fan, I’m still glad that Singer is pulling from his X2 talent since that’s the best film in the franchise thus far, although we currently don’t know who will be penning the screenplay.  Singer also tweeted that “It’s snowing in Egypt!” which could also be a reference to Egypt being part of Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur’s origin.

Hit the jump to check out a photo of Singer working with his writing team.  X-Men: Age of Apocalypse is set for May 27, 2016.

Via Bryan Singer.


For those who are unfamiliar with the Age of Apocalypse story from the 1990s comics, it also features good, time traveling fun like Days of Future Past.  In this timeline, a parallel reality is created when Charles Xavier is killed before he can form the X-Men.  Apocalypse conquers the world, mutants become the dominant species, and Magneto assembles the X-Men to defeat the supervillain and restore the original timeline. [Wikipedia]

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