‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Villain Lilandra Explained: Get to Know the ‘Apocalypse’ Sequel’s Antagonist

     June 15, 2017


Taking a page from Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men will be heading into outer space for their next big adventure. Simon Kinberg, long time producer and screenwriter on the X-Men franchise, will be directing and writing the next installment of Fox’s mutant-focused series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will see the extraterrestrial force known as the Phoenix possess Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) once again. Jessica Chastain, of Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian fame, is currently in talks to play an instrumental (and villainous) role from the original comic book series, the Empress Lilandra. Needless to say, this certainly seems like a departure from the more down to earth adventures of the X-Men we have been used to seeing on the big screen, exchanging those for a more space-voyaging adventure. Lilandra has had a significant role to play in the X-Men’s history along the line, so it’s no surprise that she’s finally breaking through from the comic page to the silver screen in the follow up to last year’s X-Men Apocalypse.

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