Bryan Singer’s X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Will Feature Anna Paquin in a “Cameo” Role as Rogue

     April 16, 2014


When director Bryan Singer was done editing X-Men: Days of Future Past, Anna Paquin had been left on the cutting-room floor.  According to a new report, it now seems as if the mutant known as Rogue has managed to find some screentime in the mutant mash-up after all.  Although the new X film unites the casts of two separate runs of X-Men films, Paquin’s role – which was small to begin with considering all that star power on screen – initially ended up as an editing casualty a few months back.  However, the film’s final trailer included her name in the credits, and now a Fox rep confirms that she’ll indeed have a small part to play.  Hit the jump for more.


According to Buzzfeed, Paquin will appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past in “Essentially, a cameo” role.  Better than nothing, especially considering Paquin played a pretty big part in the plot of the original X-Men and continued to have a presence in each of the trilogy’s follow-up films.  There’s simply too many mutants to fit everyone in with equal screentime.  Still, fans of Rogue, and Paquin’s take on her, should be pleased that the heroine gets to stand shoulder to shoulder with her fellow mutants.

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