May 23, 2014


The marketplace has become rather saturated with superhero movies, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that X-Men acted as one of the godfathers of the modern superhero genre with the release of Bryan Singer’s first film in 2000.  The franchise is now seven films deep, and while most film series would become fatigued at that point, the last few X-Men movies have been some of the strongest yet.  This weekend’s time-travel-infused X-Men: Days of Future Past continues that trend and brings Singer back to the franchise that he created over a decade ago, and the result is a thrilling, colorful adventure that bridges the gap between the original cast and their younger counterparts.  While the pic didn’t eclipse First Class as my favorite of the bunch, I found Days of Future Past to be a whole lot of fun.  The chemistry between James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender continues to be fantastic (the casting in this franchise is top-notch), and Hugh Jackman once again proves that he is the heart and soul of the X-Men series.

Matt’s already offered his take on the film in his review, but now we want to hear from you.  What did you think of the latest installment in the X-Men franchise?  Sound off with your thoughts on the movie in the comments after the jump.

Before offering your thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past in the comments section, revisit the excitement we all had when the excellent debut trailer was released last year.  Did the finished product live up to your expectations?

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