Wear This: X-MEN, From Vintage 60’s to Colorful 80’s

     May 24, 2011


With a mere ten days to go until Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class hits theaters, t-shirt designers are getting creative and drawing inspiration from great artists such as the legendary graphic designer Saul Bass and pop artist Nagel.

While the Bass-inspired designs have a more retro feel, the Nagel series draws its influence from the Duran Duran era of the 80’s. Check them out after the jump!

Available via Mighty Fine, the Marvel vs. Saul Bass collection features Professor X – awesomely described as “Jimmy Stewart meets Charles Xavier” – and Wolverine and have that vintage comics vibe. Bass’s art is also translated into other Marvel characters, such as Thor, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, although a couple of them lack the simplicity of his signature style.






The 80’s have also made a major comeback both in fashion and movies (please don’t remake Back to the Future), and the X-Men are channeling nostalgia for that era with a collection of four t-shirts inspired by Nagel’s art, the late artist who designed Duran Duran’s 1982 album Rio. The four tees feature four “beautiful, strong, heroic women of the X-Men”: Phoenix, Rogue, Shadowcat (described as Duran singer Simon Le Bon’s favorite) and Storm, who totally channels Grace Jones. Diehard 80’s fans may argue that the colors are too muted and not bold enough, but who wants to wear fluorescent in 2011?

X-Men: First Class will be released on June 3. Check out our video blog for a pre-review reaction.

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