Microsoft Unveils the Slimmer Xbox One S at E3

     June 13, 2016


If you’ve been considering buying an Xbox One, but were put off by it being larger than a 1980s VCR, then Microsoft answered your prayers today with the inevitable slimmer, faster model. The Xbox One S sports an “up to” 2TB HDD (depending on how much you’re willing to pay; there are different versions of the new model), has a new controller with a textured grip and increased range, and can support 4K video. The new console will be out in August. It will also be the cheapest 4K Blu-ray player on the marketplace, which definitely gives Microsoft a leg-up in the TV landscape, especially as 4K becomes more prominent.

However, you may want to hold out altogether because Microsoft also announced “Project Scorpio” for 2017. That new console has 8 cores, 6 teraflops of GPU power, and is capable of rendering at 60hz. It can also handle 4K video. However, it will still be able to play Xbox One games. Per Destructoid, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer told the crowd at E3 that Xbox has “moved beyond generations.”

But if you do decide to get an Xbox One console, you can now get a custom controller with the Xbox One S design (meaning with the textured grip and increased range) with the Xbox Design Lab. You can decide on different colored faceplates, grips, analogue sticks and buttons. They won’t cost too much more than standard Xbox One controllers running at $79.99, or will cost an extra $9.99 if you want an engraving on it. I’m already planning to make “Oathkeeper”, a red, gold, and black controller because I’m a super cool guy. The controllers will go on sale this October, however the store to make and pre-order your own will launch later today.

Check out the trailers below for the new Xbox One S and for the specialized controllers.


Image via Microsoft


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