X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE Trailer will be Online Monday Night

     May 9, 2008

The good folks at 20th Century Fox have just announced the trailer for “X-Files: I Want to Believe” will be online Monday night on IGN.com. The plan is for the trailer to be placed live on the site at midnight, and then by 9am the site will be “overrun” with all things X-Files.

While you may be thinking, “wow, what a scoopby IGN,” I have to take a moment and point out this is just an example of corporate synergy. 20th Century Fox owns IGN and MySpace, so it makes sense to use their media outlets to premiere a big thing and take the traffic. Honestly, I’d do the same thing in their place…this is just me wishing we had a corporate sponsor to give us great stuff like this.

But about the trailer for a second…I think it would be almost impossible to screw this trailer up. The good will online for the “X-Files” movie is huge, with many choosing to forget the way the show screwed us over. If the movie delivers, a lot will be forgiven.

A good thing is the movie is supposedly a “movie of the week” episode – meaning it’s a stand alone film that doesn’t tie into the mythology of the show. Perhaps another sequel might open that door…but this filmwon’t.

Anyway…check back Monday night for the trailer.

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