Watch: Xolo Marideuna on ‘Cobra Kai’ and Working With William Zabka in ‘1×1 with Kristian Harloff’

     May 28, 2018

1×1 with Kristian Harloff is an interview show from Collider that sees Kristian sitting down with new guests each week to discuss their life, their career, and what motivates them in their work. The unique and relaxed interview style leads to some hilariously honest and fresh responses that you won’t hear anywhere else.

On this episode of the show, Kristian sits down with actor Xolo Mariduena, who is riding a wave of fame and attention due to his work as Miguel Diaz on the YouTube Red series Cobra-Kai. Mariduena reveals how the experience has changed his life and how he is handling his newfound fame. He goes in depth about his relationship with his mother and how she has really kept him grounded throughout this recent turn in his career. He also opens up about how he actually fell into acting and how surprising, yet meaningful his success has been to him. Mariduena also offers the viewer some insight into the legacy he’d like to leave as a young Latino actor through the types of roles he chooses to play and, more importantly to him, the roles he chooses not to play.

Mariduena first caught the attention of the public with his moving and incredible turn as Victor Graham in the NBC series Parenthood. He reveals the funny circumstances surrounding his booking of the role and what it taught him. He also talks about being cast as Miguel in Cobra Kai and how aware the cast was about living up to the legacy of the film it is based on, The Karate Kid. He offers some behind the scenes stories too about how his relationship with William Zabka developed as the series went on and how he’s looking forward to exploring it further in the second season of the show.

Watch the video above for the full conversation with this intelligent, up and coming actor in the business. You can also find 1×1 with Kristian Harloff as a podcast on iTunes. For more Collider podcasts, visit The Collider Factory.


Image via YouTube

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