Exclusive ‘Yakuza Apocalypse’ Clip: World’s Toughest Terrorist Makes a Big Entrance

     October 5, 2015


Ready to meet the modern monster, the world’s toughest terrorist? We’ve got an exclusive clip from Takashi Miike’s latest, Yakuza Apocalypse, and it introduces the scene-stealing frog with some kick-ass combat skills, a mean stare and a vicious swing with a baseball bat.

In the film, the frog comes to town to take on the legendary Yakuza boss, Kamiura (Lily Franky). Trouble is, someone else already exposed Kamiura as a vampire and took him out first. But, before he bit the dust, Kamiura managed to pass his abilities on to his second in command, Kagayama (Hayato Ichihara). Now it’s up to Kagayama to defend the civilians from the frog, the kappa goblin and the rest of bloodthirsty oddities that Miike throws at him.

You can catch the frog in action in our Yakuza Apocalypse clip below. The movie hits theaters and VOD on October 9th and also stars Yayan Ruhian and Den Den.

Here’s the official synopsis for Yakuza Apocalypse:

From cult Japanese director Takashi Miike, YAKUZA APOCALYPSE is a martial arts extravaganza and vampire action film. In the film, Yakuza boss Kamiura is a legend. Rumored to be unkillable, the truth is he is a vampire – a vampire yakuza boss! Among Kamiura’s gang is the loyal Kageyama. However, the young Kageyama is looked down on by the other yakuzas due to the sensitive skin that prevents him from being tattooed.  One day, men arrive from abroad and deliver Kamiura an ultimatum: return to the syndicate he left years ago or die. Kamiura refuses and, during a fierce battle, is torn limb from limb. With his dying breath, Kamiura passes on his powers to Kageyama. As his newfound abilities awaken, Kageyama’s desire to avenge his boss sets him on a violent confrontation with the seemingly unstoppable foreign syndicate. One of Japan’s most successful filmmakers, Takashi Miike has directed almost one hundred films. He has been thrilling audiences worldwide with movies such as Audition (1999), Ichi the Killer (2001) and 13 Assassins (2010).


Image via TIFF

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