‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Is Happening and Officially Confirmed

     November 7, 2016


We have to thank the fans for this one. After the popular DC animated series Young Justice unceremoniously went off the air in 2013, fans have been campaigning to bring it back amid talk of a possible Netflix revival, since the streaming platform released all episodes of Seasons 1 and 2. The effort paid off as Warner Bros. Animation announced Monday that Season 3 is officially in the works.

No, this is not one of those misconstrued quotes, either.

Original producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are returning for Season 3, which promises to feature “new twists, turns, and dangerous new threats for the team, but most importantly, the opportunity for fans to finally continue the adventures of some of their favorite Super Heroes.”


Image via Cartoon Network

Young Justice ran for two seasons and featured a strike force consisting of younger heroes like Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis, as well as characters like Wonder Girl, Zatanna, Blue Beetle, and Batgirl in later episodes. The heroes typically executed covert operations the Justice League needed handled discretely.

Despite passionate fans and critical acclaim, Young Justice was canceled. Weisman eventually confirmed that toy sales played a factor, but there was an infamous interview with Paul Dini and Kevin Smith in which the former said, “They’re all for boys ‘we do not want the girls’, I mean, I’ve heard executives say this, you know, not [where I am] but at other places, saying like, ‘We do not want girls watching this show.”

A few months ago, Weisman teased there were discussions about possibly bringing the show back for a Season 3, and advised fans to keep binge-watching the episodes on Netflix to send a message to the WB. Now, we can all relax, because it’s actually happening.

Other information, including a premiere date and release platform, will be announced in the future. In the meantime, Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series, said in a statement:

The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us. We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.