Watch: Evan Dickson Makes His Directorial Debut in Horror Short ‘Your Filthy Heart’

     February 23, 2018


Here at Collider, we love to see when one of our contributors succeeds in the ruthless world of entertainment, be it Perri Nemiroff‘s work as a producer or Josh Macuga‘s stint as an actor/traveling foodie. Now, we’re happy to bring you a horror short from former contributor Evan Dickson, who makes his directorial debut with Your Filthy Heart.

Bloody Disgusting hosted the exclusive debut of the new film, which you can watch below, courtesy of Dickson’s YouTube channel. It really is worth checking out, and while it’d be easy to say that as a colleague, it’s actually easier still to say that as a fan of horror. That’s not an easy genre to pull off, especially when working with child actors (What were you thinking?), but Dickson manages to deliver a creepy take on the mystery box mythology while also adding in some very relatable relationship drama that’s worth a watch.

Writer/director Dickson’s cast includes Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes, The Neighbor), newcomer Eliza Noland, David Bruckner (director of The Ritual, Southbound, V/H/S), Zoe Cooper (The Signal, Southbound), and Jennifer Kretchmer (Dollhouse).

Take eight minutes out of your day and watch Your Filthy Heart below:

Here’s what Dickson had to say about his experience making the film:

“Over the past three years I’ve worked with eight different directors on various projects. Each one inspired me, taught me and challenged me in different ways so I finally decided to find out what it was like to truly be in their shoes. Spoiler… it’s hard. But I like it. And I’m definitely grateful to anyone who gives 8 minutes of their time over to watching this. Hope you have fun with it!”

In this era of instantly accessible entertainment content, it’s easy to forget how much time, effort, blood/sweat/tears go into each and every production. (I mean, just look at the credits on this film alone, and that’s only for a 8-minute short!) Dickson hopes to turn this short into a feature film, much like he saw his script for Totem land on Cinemax and VOD platforms last fall with co-writer and director Marcel Sarmiento. Be sure to share some love for both films if you can!

Your Filthy Heart was also produced by William Day Frank (Pod, Psychopaths), Jenna Cavelle (Blood Heist) and Katrina Kudlick (Ladyworld).


Image via Evan Dickson

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