Horror Film YOU’RE NEXT Takes Over Posters for PEEPLES in New York City as Part of Viral Takeover

     April 19, 2013


One of the more widely-praised festival hits from the past few years is director Adam Wingard’s horror film You’re Next.  Matt had very positive things to say about the pic in his review from the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, and now Lionsgate has finally slated the film for release later this year.  The story centers on a family reunion that turns deadly when the family becomes targeted by murderers sporting some incredibly creepy animal masks.  The studio released a fantastic first trailer for the pic last month, and it now looks like they’re taking their marketing campaign to the streets.  Hit the jump to see images of You’re Next‘s poster takeover.

The folks over at previously Bloody Disgusting spotted posters in bus shelters for fellow Lionsgate releases The Big Wedding and Temptation that appeared to be taken over by You’re Next:


Now a reader has sent us some photos of You’re Next-laden Peeples posters on the streets of New York City, which appears to confirm that this is indeed part of an elaborate viral campaign for the horror pic.  Thanks to reader David for sending us the following images:




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