YouTube Red Series Review: DanTDM and TheAtlanticCraft Set a New Standard

     April 6, 2017


YouTube Red, YouTube’s paid streaming subscription service, aims to capitalize on the popularity of some of the content giant’s most famous and productive creators, allowing them to make new, original series that are at home and on-brand online. Case in point, two new series aimed at younger audiences that make their debut online tomorrow from fan-favorite Minecraft content creators, DanTDM and TheAtlanticCraft

First up from DanTDM is his new series DanTDM Creates a Big Scene, which features the title personality otherwise known as Dan Middleton alongside his animated friends–and Danielle Tabor as Eve–in a variety show of sorts. The more traditional animated action-adventure series Kings of Atlantis follows the journey of the title characters, Cody and Joe, through their stunning, stylized world. In addition to reviews of both of these series, we also have exclusive looks at both of them before their premieres this Friday.


Image via Twitter

Here’s a look at the synopsis for YouTube Red’s DanTDM Creates a Big Scene:

DanTDM Creates a Big Scene features DanTDM and his lively group of animated friends as they battle mayhem and misadventure to keep their brand new live show on the road.  Each episode follows their behind-the-scenes exploits as they learn new skills, overcome challenges and find that putting on an epic show isn’t quite as easy as it looks.  The program is a mix of live action and animation and co-stars Danielle Tabor as Eve, who also appeared as Angelina Johnson in the first three Harry Potter movies.  Additionally, DanTDM’s two adorable pugs, who often make cameos on his YouTube channel, are also featured in the program as animated characters of themselves!


Image via YouTube

And here’s the synopsis for Kings of Atlantis:

Kings of Atlantis is a thrilling, fun, and epic animated series that follows two deposed, young monarchs of the vast underwater city of Atlantis, Cody and Joe, as they seek to overthrow the brutal usurper of their kingdom, reclaim their birthright, and protect their people from his cruel reign. They are brothers, pranksters, and soon to be heroes! The series features YouTubers Cody and Joe of the immensely popular TheAtlanticCraft MineCraft channel that boasts more than 4 million subscribers as the voices of the young monarchs. Look out for the premiere of the series launching on April 7, 2017!