Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin CHUCK Series Finale Set Visit Interview

     January 25, 2012

With the two-hour series finale of Chuck airing this week, we can finally reveal that we were on set for the filming of that last episode, where we got to interview the cast and creative team about their experiences. While everyone was clearly proud of their work and time on the show, it was also obvious that they were sad to see it go.

During the interview with co-stars Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin, they talked about how what is happening between Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Strahovski) in the finale is going to weigh heavy on people’s hearts, how they’ve done some really gross and inappropriate behind-the-scenes pranks, how hilarious the teaming of Casey (Baldwin) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) has been, and how they’ll be leaving with a lot of memories. Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there might be some spoilers:

Question: Adam, in the series finale, what is going to get you, as an actor, and you, as Casey, to cry?

ADAM BALDWIN: Casey doesn’t cry. I think Casey goes out with a bang, or so I’ve been told. It’s emotional. For me, I’ve been through series before where there have been endings that have been premature. With this one, while we would have loved to have had another nine episodes to get through the whole season, I think 91 episodes of a show that was on the bubble is a good long run. I feel satisfied with the course that we’ve taken. I’m grateful that we were able to get this far, so I don’t feel sad. I have all these people’s phone numbers and their emails.

Chris Fedak said that you have no tear ducts. Is that true?

BALDWIN: If he’d have written me to cry, I could have cried. You know the secret to crying on camera? You just think of something sad. It’s easy.

Yvonne, have you really been one of the people who can’t stop crying?

YVONNE STRAHOVSKI: I can’t stop crying. I cried every day, this whole month. I’ve just been crying, every single day. I’m going to cry now. It’s horrible. I cried yesterday when I did my last fight scene, ever.

Adam, since you’ve been through this, do you have any advice for Yvonne?

BALDWIN: Oh, she’s going on to bigger and better things. She’s got nothing to cry about. She’s got all of our phone numbers and emails. She’ll see us around, once in awhile, down the road. That’s the funny thing about Hollywood. Yvonne walked off a plane into a new family here and a new working atmosphere, and now she’s got her feet dug in, in Los Angeles, and she’s established and she’s going to be around for a long time. It’s really great to see nice people succeed.

STRAHOVSKI: That was very nice, thank you.

With the Chuck and Sarah relationship having been such an important emotional through-line in the show, were you happy to see how they dealt with that relationship for the series finale?

STRAHOVSKI: I have to say that in the last episode, what is happening between Chuck and Sarah is going to weigh heavy on people’s hearts. There’s not a lot I can say without giving it away, but there’s a definite element of sadness that we have to go through, to get to the final moment. And then, there’s the funny stuff.

Will it end on a happy note for the fans?

BALDWIN: Come on, it’s a comedy!

STRAHOVSKI: It’s a nice note, but it’s so hard.

Yvonne, how do you feel about being the hot nerd on TV?

STRAHOVSKI: The hot nerd? I’m a nerd, too? I don’t know. It’s so weird. They put me in a pair of high heels in the pilot, and I didn’t know how to walk in them. Now, I do. It’s just that I’ve always been a tomboy, so being thrown into the hot nerd category and the glam thing has been very interesting for me to swallow.

BALDWIN: One of the most endearing things about Yvonne is that she really is just this rugged tomboy character from Australia who is able to embody that glam, geeky, nerdy thing.

chuck-season-5-image-4STRAHOVSKI: That’s very kind of you to put it that way.

BALDWIN: But, she’s got this behind-the-scenes bawdiness that reminds me of Carol Burnett in her heyday, which is just lovely for a bunch of guys. Movie sets are mostly just guys, with a few ladies sprinkled in to keep us honest.

STRAHOVSKI: I’m not really a lady. Let’s just say that much.

BALDWIN: Yes, you are.

STRAHOVSKI: Really? Oh, okay.

Yvonne, if you were offered a Sarah Walker spin-off, would you be game?

STRAHOVSKI: I don’t know.

BALDWIN: If the price was right.

STRAHOVSKI: Yeah, for $2 million an episode.

But, you have more fun doing movies now, right?

STRAHOVSKI: I don’t know. Look, this has been a long run. I won’t lie. The hours are very difficult on a show like this. I think we’re all a bit worn out.

BALDWIN: We’re satisfied.

STRAHOVSKI: We’re satisfied, beyond belief, with the hours. So, I think, right now, I need to take a deep breath and take a break and do something a little easier on the body. For me, [it’s especially difficult] with the fight scenes and everything. When you get sick, you’re sick for a long time. You just have to keep working through it ‘cause you just can’t rest up. I need to give my body a break, for a little bit.

chuck-tv-show-season-5-imageWhat is the best prank that went on, behind the scenes?

STRAHOVSKI: Oh, they’re too filthy.

Have you done any pranks to get them back?

STRAHOVSKI: Yes, but they’re really gross.

BALDWIN: They’re really gross.

STRAHOVSKI: It’s inappropriate.

What is the first thing that you want to do, when you have some time to yourself again?


BALDWIN: Go to the gun range. That’s what everyone wants to hear.

Adam, how did you feel about Casey and Morgan teaming up, in the last couple of seasons?

chuck-season-5-image-3BALDWIN: [Josh] Gomez is hilarious to work with. He always brings the pizzaz to the scene. I’m just the quiet sniper button that gets to hopefully close it out, if the writers give me a good line, at the end. But, I just play off of him and roll with it. We were joking about putting together an Of Mice and Men production, off Hollywood Blvd. I bet that would be great. I don’t know if we’re going to get that up and running. But, could you imagine a Casey-Morgan spin-off with Grandpa Casey? Could you imagine, in Season 6, Alex and Morgan would have a little piker running around and Casey’s gotta come and be grandpa? Then, I would insist they kill me.

Yvonne, what are you going to take away from this?

STRAHOVSKI: A lot of memories.

Do you have a favorite memory or episode?

STRAHOVSKI: I love the Thailand episode, “Phase 3.” There are so many moments, though. I think, in particular, this season has been one of my favorite ones. We’ve bonded a lot more, knowing that it’s the end, especially the last month. We’ve been hanging out a lot more, as a cast, and just allowing ourselves the time to soak it all up before it all ends.

Who’s the best actor you’ve had to kiss on Chuck?

chuck-season-5-image-2STRAHOVSKI: I counted how many people I’ve kissed the other day, and it’s not that many. It’s Bryce, Chuck, Daniel Shaw, Beefcake and that nerd guy, in that one episode. There’s no more than that. That’s it.

Will your international fans get to see you make any appearances?

STRAHOVSKI: Maybe. It’s possible, yeah. I’ll have to see how it goes.

BALDWIN: Conventions are fun. I recommend them.

What are you stealing from the set? Is there anything that you just have to have?

BALDWIN: We may be gifted some things.

STRAHOVSKI: Who said that?

BALDWIN: I said we may be gifted some things.

STRAHOVSKI: Can I get my Porsche?

BALDWIN: You have a Tesla now.

STRAHOVSKI: It’s a Lotus.

BALDWIN: You like the Porsche better. What should we take? Some of the weapons. Some of the Reagan paraphernalia.

STRAHOVSKI: We can’t take the weapons. I would take my gun, if I could, but we can’t do that. Not that I own guns, by the way. Just to clarify that.

yvonne-strahovski-zachary-levi-chuck-finaleBALDWIN: I would take the Bible that’s sitting on the bookshelf.

What’s your favorite episode, in this last season?

STRAHOVSKI: My flashback one with my mom.

BALDWIN: I liked the one on the train.

STRAHOVSKI: The bullet train is good, too. Our D.P. made his directing debut on that episode. He did great.