Z FOR ZACHARIAH Trailer Sends Robbie, Ejiofor, and Pine to the End of the World

     June 4, 2015


Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions have released the first Z for Zachariah trailer. The film stars Margot Robbie as a young woman living in a fertile valley that has somehow been spared from nuclear war. One day, she meets a fellow survivor (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and they begin to form a bond, but their relationship is strained when another man (Chris Pine) enters the picture.

While this trailer plays up the love triangle aspect of the story, when I saw the movie at Sundance I was taken more with the themes regarding human frailty. Of course, that’s difficult to convey in a trailer, but it still does a good job of showing the underlying tension between the characters and their situation.

Check out the Z for Zachariah trailer below, and click on the respective links for my Sundance review and Steve’s interviews with the cast and director Craig Zobel. The film opens August 20th.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In the wake of a nuclear war, a young woman survives on her own, fearing she may actually be the proverbial last woman on earth, until she discovers the most astonishing sight of her life: another human being. A distraught scientist, he’s nearly been driven mad by radiation exposure and his desperate search for others. A fragile, imperative strand of trust connects them. But when a stranger enters the valley, their precarious bond begins to unravel. Z FOR ZACHARIAH is inspired by the novel of the same name by Robert C. O’Brien, published posthumously in 1974, and was created by Pall Grimsson and adapted for the screen by Nissar Modi (Breaking At The Edge).


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