Lionsgate Bringing Zombie Comic ‘Z-Men’ to Life

     October 13, 2015


Zombies just don’t seem able to die, and the same can be said about zombie movies. From The Walking Dead to World War Z and the recent trailer of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the genre isn’t going anywhere. And now you can add another film to the list.

Per a press release, Lionsgate announced that the graphic novel Z-Men will be getting the big screen treatment. Lionsgate is collaborating with comic book publisher Double Take to bring the story to life (or at least living-dead status).

Z-Men is written by Jeff McComsey and tells the story of two government agents and their efforts to combat the zombie apocalypse. The film version will fall under the framework recently adopted by Double Take to form a universe around the Night of the Living Dead property.

This marks the second collaboration between Lionsgate and Double Take, as the two partnered up to adapt the video game Borderlands into a film.

It seems the two companies are forming a beneficial partnership. And with a portfolio that includes graphic novels and video games, I’m sure Double Take will continue to seek out movie opportunities for their properties. I don’t know what those include exactly, but it will be interesting to see how the first two projects go. Zombies have not lost their bite yet, and given that they plan to make numerous stories surrounding Night of the Living Dead, it seems they won’t anytime soon.


Image via Lionsgate


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