Zac Efron Shares First Images of Himself as Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked’

     January 17, 2018


Get your hot takes ready, people, because Zac Efron is playing Ted Bundy in an upcoming movie and that’s sure to inspire some mixed and… confusing … feelings. Titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, the Bundy biopic stars the Greatest Showman in the World star as the serial killer, rapist and necrophile who has somehow been mythologized into a sexy ladies man (thanks Anne Rule). While I’m not crazy about furthering that mythology, the film piques my interest thanks to director Joe Berlinger, who previously helmed the Paradise Lost documentary trilogy, which investigated the infamous West Memphis Three trial.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile was written by Michael Werwie and approaches Bundy’s story from the point of view of his longtime live-in girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, played by Okja‘s Lily Collins, during the years that he hid his crimes from her. John Malcovich is also set to star in the film as Judge Edward Cowart, who presided over the serial killer’s 1979 trial and ultimately sentenced him to death.

Extremely Wicked rolls into production tomorrow, and on the eve of the shoot Efron has debuted the first look image of himself as the serial killer and he looks… well, he looks like Zac Efron. All the same, check out his debut as Bundy in the image below:

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