Zoey Deutch on ‘Before I Fall’, ‘Rebel in the Rye’ and ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’

     March 3, 2017

With Before I Fall now playing in theaters, I recently sat down with the film’s star Zoey Deutch for an exclusive video interview. She talked about what she knew about the book before getting cast, memorable moments from filming, what she learned during the rehearsal process that she wanted to add to her character, the challenges of block shooting, and more. In addition, we talked about if it’s weird for her to watch Back to the Future since her mom is Lea Thompson, playing Oona O’Neill in Danny Strong’s Rebel in the Rye opposite Nicholas Hoult, and The Year of Spectacular Men which her sister (Madelyn Deutch) wrote and her mom directed.

before-i-fall-posterIf you’re not familiar with Before I Fall, the young adult fantasy drama is based on the bestselling novel byLauren Oliver. Directed by Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks), the film stars Zoey Deutch as a “perfect” high school student who, after one fateful night, wakes up to relive the same day over and over again—a day that ends with her and her friends suffering a severe car accident. As she’s stuck in this Groundhog Day-esque loop, she comes to recognize a different outlook on her life and those around her. Scripted by Maria Maggenti (Monte Carlo), Before I Fall also stars Halston SageLogan MillerKian LawleyElena KampourisCynthy WuMedalion RahimiDiego Boneta, and Jennifer Beals. For more on the film you can read Brian Formo’s review.

Check out what she had to say above and below is a list of exactly what we talked about followed by the official synopsis.

Zoey Deutch:

  • Is it weird for her to watch the Back to the Future movies because her mom is Lea Thompson?
  • How much did she know about the book and story of Before I Fall prior to getting involved?
  • What did she learn during the rehearsal process that she wanted to add to her character?
  • How they did block shooting on the film which means they filmed many versions of the same scene together.
  • Did she rewatch Heathers and Groundhog Day prior to shooting?
  • Memorable moments from filming.
  • Talks about making Rebel in the Rye and being at Sundance.
  • Talks about making The Year of Spectacular Men which her mom directed and her sister (Madelyn Deutch) wrote.

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